Our History

The Jewish Caring Network was formed when our friend, Jordan (Yarden in Hebrew), was diagnosed with cancer. It was hard to believe that a man so young, with a beautiful family, was facing the end of his life.

Immediately, the community sprang into action, sending meals and raising funds to help his family through the difficult time.

As a result of the overwhelming display of concern, the need to harness these resources for other families facing similar situations was realized. Gevuras Yarden, the “Strength of Jordan,” was established so that every time we do a mitzvah, it is in Jordan’s merit.

The Jewish Caring Network now has two divisions: Gevuras Yarden, which assists families diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, and Gevuras Rina, which assists families with a loved one diagnosed with a life-long or serious illness.

About Gevuras Rina

Gevuras Rina, established in memory of Rina Hutman Schechter a”h, is a division of The Jewish Caring Network.

Gevuras Rina brings relief, comfort and support to families encountering critical, but non-life-threatening illnesses and disabilities. This division differs from Gevuras Yarden, which assists individuals facing life threatening illness.

Rina a”h was a woman of great strength who inspired all those who knew her. She truly exemplified the essence of life. Though all of her challenges, her faith and strength were unyielding. Rina never complained and was as active as her illness would allow her. She always did for others and had the unique ability to always be positive and grateful in every aspect of her life. Rina a”h showed us how to appreciate life and how to live with the highest level of simcha (happiness). Gevuras Rina will therefore be committed to help give “Rina,” joy, to others just like she gave to us.

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